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The success of a people's future is determined by their education.

Digitize Your World - Advanced top quality education, anywhere, anytime.

We live in an era where with knowledge, even sand can be made more valuable than gold – the silicon chip. In this millennium of the mind, nothing is more important for a people than education. Education gifts knowledge, it brings health, healing and wealth. Education cleans the environment and secures the future.

With the introduction of printing press technology, books shared knowledge, and education gave birth to the Renaissance. Today Internet and computers represent a new dynamic ecologically sound massive printing press. The difference with this Renaissance, is that it is being dynamically and cost effectively delivered to teachers and learners all around the world. Get IT Ed is here to help deploy the volumes of outstanding educational tools to bring about 1 Goal: free advanced education for all in this New Renaissance.

Get iT Ed provides advanced InfoTelesys computer technology to schools and educators at cost. This includes the advanced InfoTelesys iT Set tablet computers. Starting at only R860 for the iT Set V5 there is no reason any learner should be left behind.

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Introducint the Worlds Most Advanced tablet: InfoTelesys UnixiT iT Set V21

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Get IT Ed - Immersive e-Education

Education gifts knowledge, knowledge imparts skills, skills produce income, and income eliminates poverty and builds prosperity and peace.

Get IT Ed scores the 1 Goal by delivering advanced immersive e-education for all.
It’s not complicated; at Get IT Ed we digitize the best lessons and teachers, allowing learners to attend world class lessons anytime anywhere.

Providing each learner with a computer, Get IT Ed handles the underlying complexities and technological barriers to this advanced new field of rich-media, technology and education.  We make it simple and cost effective for schools and teachers to deliver the best the world can offer.

By digitizing lessons we eliminate the cost of books and free up resources allowing schools and teachers to focus on the parts of education that get cut first, like sports and the arts.

With Get IT Ed, schools are no longer limited by the science, maths, technology and other skills of the teachers they can afford and find.  Now our schools can teach the most advanced subjects with the best teachers from around the world.

Welcome to the future of education. Nothing can hold us back now, it's time to score 1 goal!e Education

What Is Get IT Ed?

Get IT Ed provides technology, hardware, networks, infrastructure and management of next-generation e-Education systems. The key differentiator Get IT Ed provides, is... Read More>


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The problems we face today in education are that we do not have enough qualified teachers. Education is expensive. Top performers rarely go into education, instead industry attracts experts with top wages. Schools and universities struggle to compete in attracting the best in different fields of education since the financial rewards in industry far outstrip what schools and universities can offer. Read More>

Immersive Education, what does it entail? Read More>

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Get IT Ed e-Education PresentationsGet IT Ed

Preview short presentations of the projects we have been working on to bring advanced next-generation education to students around the World. Our vision stems from extensive experience implementing advanced distributed systems infrastructure for some of the Worlds largest computer and communications systems.

Readily available digital technology makes it possible for educators to digitize lessons and distribute these e-lessons around the world at a fraction of the cost of traditional education. Live digital books significantly cut costs compared to old fashioned education. View Presentation>

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